According to a snap poll on one of our partner pages, ‘Donald Trump Is My President‘, 98% of Trump supporters don’t care about the Stormy Daniels story that the liberal media is desperately trying to push. The poll has over 20,000 votes, when most “reputable” polls only sample 1,000 people. We have 20 times the sample side and MIND BOGGLING results. Amazing 98% of the people voted that they do not care about the stormy story. While admittedly not the most scientific poll, it is a huge sample of some of the most dedicated Trump supporters…which are most of us! In fact, our partner page went further with another poll. We asked our audience if the constant smears against Trump made them MORE or LESS likely to vote for Trump in 2020, and the results were staggering. 98% of the audience said that it is MORE LIKELY that they will vote for him in 2020. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THE INTERVIEW:





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