There is some serious irony in knowing that Parkland shooting survivor turned anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg is now complaining that his school might be violating his Constitutional rights because they may be enforcing a clear backpack rule. The guy who wants to take away my right to own a gun and defend myself wants the right to his privacy? I don’t think so. What kind of deluded world is he living in? On Friday, Hogg was being interviewed during a forum on gun control. During his babbling he went on about a plethora of far left points. He complained about Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s new policy which will require students to bring only clear see-through backpacks onto school grounds. The Daily Wire reported that Hogg claimed that Democratic Broward County officials made the decision which in turn violates his “First Amendment rights.” He cited that this may cause possible embarrassment for any student who may be experiencing “their menstrual cycle” because of “tampons and stuff.” CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:




4 thoughts on “David Hogg Gets Upset When His Rights Are Taken Away Because of One Person

  1. These kids are hungry to be heard, whether it makes sense or not………….give them an inch and they will take a mile. Careful about giving them too much voice and power.

  2. it seems this young lad is been watching and learning from Oprah Winfrey that you can use anything even the death of your classmates to complain about the constitutional rights this boy is using his dead classmates to hop on the wagon of the tv and get himself known he should join oprah winfrey becouse she wish’s all white old people were put to death oprah get yourself a small tash

  3. What happens when entering the workforce & they don’t allow anything but clear bags in the building ? Are you going to turn down a good paying job?

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