Fox News attended a march in Parkland, Florida, where some of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting were protesting. As the rallies progressed, it was clear that the majority of those marching had no idea what they were marching for. Many attendees didn’t have the slightest clue about guns or details of the Second Amendment.

One teen who was interviewed literally had zero idea what she was saying. She thought assault rifles were legal in the United States. They are not. She believed that AR-15s were weapons of war. They are not. No modern military would send their solders into combat with a semi-automatic rifle.  She also believed that all mass shooters use AR-15s… because that is what the mainstream media keeps insisting. Most mass shootings are committed with handguns. No one with a mental health issue should not be able to have access to guns, this is something we all seem to agree on and should work to do our best to achieve. Authorities need to enforce the laws that are already in effect.




3 thoughts on “Democrats Reveal the Real Reason for “March for Our Lives”… and it’s Worse Than We Thought

  1. God understands how these kids feel and is concerned, but there will never be a real protection for us until Jesus comes without weapons in the right hands. We have no other way to defend our rights and protect our family because the enemies would over power us and destroy us and take control . This is the devil’s plan for these end times. Our trust should be in God !! not our own understanding !! We are to use wisdom according to the Bible. which our country was founded upon !! God Almighty !!

  2. The 2nd amendment wasn’t put there for community debate, this right is the only right with this right will not be infringed written in it. My right to choose what weapon I use is my business which is an AR-15. This weapon I believe saved my family from a home invader who was wanted for attempted murder in the State of Tenn. And I didn’t have to shoot him he gave up without a fight !

  3. AMEN I agree with you Gloria. God is in control and can settle this whole problem in an instant. I wish people were as enthusiastic in spreading the truth and show how futile this all is.

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