Following the incredibly high ratings from Tuesday’s pro-Trump show Roseanne, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to voice his support for the show while skewering liberal late night hosts.

The revival of the show Roseanne delivered a massive 18.2 million viewers during it’s premiere Tuesday night.

Many liberals are fuming that a conservative show delivered the highest-rated comedy telecast on any network in the last four years.

Actor Roseanne Barr plays a conservative character who supports President Donald Trump and is finding ways to cope with family members who are Democrats.

The show centers on a blue-collar, working-class family in the Midwest — which is a stark difference from how Hollywood often depicts conservatives.

Trump Jr. tweeted on Wednesday that the explosive ratings show there’s a craving for an alternate viewpoint in Hollywood.

He also joked that she should “work in a late night show too,” which was a dig at many of the extremely anti-Trump hosts.

Here’s how social media reacted to his tweet about Roseanne and Hollywood:

Barr apparently agrees with Trump Jr. about late night hosts being way too liberal.

Last week, the conservative actress went viral after she told ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel to “zip that f***ing lip” and that he has become way too liberal for everyone.

There hasn’t been a show that respectfully depicts Republican-votingwoman in decades, which explains why Roseanne was such a big hit with Americans.

Perhaps Hollywood should take note that there’s a craving for pro-Trumpand conservative shows, which could play a role in repairing some of the tensions across the country.

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