On Sunday night, the media finally got what they wanted, or did they? The media had been salivating over the Sunday night interview with Stormy Daniels, the porn star who CLAIMED to have an affair with Trump 12 years ago. Sadly (for them), she didn’t give them anything “juicy” to talk about. All she did was give some odd “details” about her “encounters” with Trump that would only be believed by a gullible moron or liberals wanting to believe the worst about Trump. Many in the media said “Meh”, because that is all that could actually be gleaned from an interview with a money-hungry woman who is seeking attention: ”meh. argues that “this story isn’t about sex.” but everybody is watching just to hear sex details. and there’s a reason this story is being talked about, where every other corrupt trump story gets ignored. sex makes it non-boring enough for country to pay attention. — Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:





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