Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer says any effort by President Donald Trump to use military funding to build his border wall be blocked by lawsuits, according to the Washington Post. Schumer’s threat came after he worked with GOP leaders to allocate only $641 million for the construction of new border fences in the 2018 omnibus bill. The bill also includes language which bars Trump from spending money on the concrete-and-metal prototype walls which he touted in early March. According to the Post: Long-standing laws sharply restrict what “reprogramming” Presidents can do with appropriated funds. For example, President must spend most of the funds allocated by Congress, and can only shift a small percentage of each program’s funds to another program. “First Mexico was supposed to pay for it, then U.S. taxpayers, and now our men and women in uniform?” said Chuck Schumer. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:






2 thoughts on “IT BEGINS: You Won’t BELIEVE Chuck Schumer’s Latest Lawsuit Against Trump

  1. We want Jesus in our lives, so no support for a Wall in Illinois. BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!

    Chicagoland has dozens, perhaps hundreds of Mexican Style restaurants. I know they depend on a hundreds of Mexican men and women to staff them. Therefore, Mr. Trump hasn’t support for a Wall from owners and staff you can count on Jesus being in their lives too. Multiply those Mexican restaurants by the number of states thst have dozens, perhaps hundreds of them. Jesus can be counted on to be there as well. Again not much support for Mr Trump’s Wall.

    Also, all of Chicagoland’s suburbs use small lawn and tree companies owned and staffed by Mexicans. They want to keep Jesus on staff. No support on a Wall from them.

    Every day here in Deerfield, you will hear the sound of machinery operated by Mexicans manicuring lawns, hedges and trees, Most have Jesus on staff. They want to keep Jesus around, legal or not. No support for a Wall here.

    Jesus doesn’t like Walls separating him from his flock, so no support from Jesus in Chicagoland. Add Texas and New Mexico, and you have a few hundred that also want to keep Jesus in their lives too…. No support for a Wall.

    Therefore, a vote for Mr. Trump’s Wall, is a vote against Jesus and friends…. lots of friends. A final personal word about Jesus.

    Yesterday, our hard working yard company did a great “FIRST TRIM IN 2018,”on our flora. I had to go out and thank Jesus for his work. Jesus was pleased. No support for a Wall here. We want Jesus to remain in our lives.

    Therefore, don’t support Mr. Trump’s WALL, , if you want to assure that Jesus will always be available in your lives too.

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