“Poor Old Joe.” Americans always thought of Biden as the smiley, humble Democrat who played second fiddle to Obama. American political leaders are being profoundly influenced by shared economic interests with the Chinese and are coming to see certain matters Beijing’s way… “When Joe Biden is there in Beijing, he has all these senior talks, and he is criticized widely — not just by Republicans or conservatives, but by the mainstream media — for basically rolling over for China,” [Schweizer] continued… “Well, ten days after he leaves Beijing on that trip with his son, his son Hunter Biden scores a billion-dollar — that’s billion dollars with a ‘B’ — private equity deal with the Chinese government,” Schweizer said. “This is a unique deal. They talk about this in the Chinese press. No other person on the face of the planet has this kind of deal that Hunter Biden gets. And by the way, Hunter Biden has no background in private equity. He has no experience in doing this at all.” CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:



1 thought on “Joe Biden Blindsided After Book Reveals $1B Swamp Skeleton

  1. Surprised to read that Hunter BIden , Chis Heinz { John Kerry’s step- son}cutting billion $ deals with China. All deals seemingly occur shortly before trips by their Dads. Hands in the big cookie jar …smells rotten.

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