The news has been completely taken over by coverage on the “March for Our Lives” protests over the last weekend. The left continues to push their anti-Second Amendment narrative, but some of us have noticed a shocking hypocritical detail about the demonstrations. In the wake of the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Democrats have decided that guns and the NRA are entirely to blame. Somehow, the left has decided to place blame on the NRA, even though the Parkland, Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had no affiliation with the organization. The left continues to insist that guns are to blame. These student activists don’t understand the first thing about irony. Protesters held signs and yelled that guns should be banned, but they missed a very important detail. All of the protesters were being protected by heavily armed men with guns, so their narrative doesn’t seem to hold up. TheBlaze noted the big disconnect on Saturday when they posted a picture of anti-Second Amendment protesters being guarded by a man carrying an AR-15… one of the very guns they were protesting. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:





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