Porn Star Stormy Daniels made solid allegations that she was undermined to conceal her charged undertaking with Donald Trump. White House representative press secretary Raj Shah dismissed these claims.

“The President firmly plainly and reliably has denied these fundamental cases. The special case who has been conflicting is the one making the cases… The President doesn’t trust that any of the cases Ms. Daniels made in the meeting are precise,” said Shah.

Shah likewise contended that Daniels has been ‘conflicting.’ “My comprehension is that she marked the announcements that contention with what she said the previous evening,” Shah said. At the point when gotten some information about the $130,000 installment Shah said that it was “nothing outside the customary” and “False charges are settled out of court constantly. You’d need to get some information about the specifics.”

Melania Trump at long last reacted to these affirmations too. “[Melania is] concentrated on being a mother and is very getting a charge out of spring break at Mar-a-Lago while taking a shot at future ventures,” clarified Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s representative.

Grisham additionally put out a tweet about it. “While I know the media is appreciating hypothesis and obscene prattle, Id get a kick out of the chance to remind individuals there’s a minor tyke who’s name ought to be kept out of news stories when at all conceivable,” tweeted Grisham.

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  1. The cheap porn gal is no star she even advertises her prostitution out for the world…. Melania is too classy to even lisen to garbage.

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