This group of losers barely passed tax reform, something that was long over due to avoid the economy collapsing on their watch.  Then they couldn’t follow that up with spending cuts.  Instead, they increased spending by 14% just to make sure everyone got the pork they needed to insure re-election so they can all come back next term and repeat their incompetence and corruption. Let’s look a little deeper into this omnibus.  Lookee here, these prima donnas bumped their expense accounts from $177,000 last year to $192,000 this year. That’s $16,000 per month they now have to spend on three martini lunches and it’s all tax-free! Let’s not forget the help.  Senatorial staffers will be getting a massive 7% increase in pay as an additional $12.8 million has been earmarked for them. That breaks out to an average increase per senator of $229,000.  I’m sure they’ll find some way to get their grubby paws on a portion of that money as well.  Hush money for an illicit affair or for poor choice of groping subjects, perhaps. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:




2 thoughts on “Not Kidding: The Congress The Just Raped America Is About to Give Itself a Bonus

  1. They at laughing because they think they’re funny because they pulled a fast one. They are a bunch of cheating, lying BASTARDS—7% raise on $192,000 because they can’t live on their salary (poor whining babies). They should try to live on $26,000 from Social Security and we only got s 2% raise, the first in three years–money we worked for our entire life then they steal it by raising Medicare insurance and we end up not getting a raise at all. Mitch McConnell and his cronies are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. They will all go to Hell in a hand-cart.

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