Imagine the phone rings and the other end says: “Please hold for the President of the United States.” Even if you’re Roseanne Barr, a celebrity in your own right, that’s a wild experience! Roseanne told that very story this morning on Good Morning America.  After her “Roseanne” sitcom reboot smashed all expectations and records (pulling a higher audience than it’s finale show back in the 1980s!), Roseanne was suddenly hot again and catching everyone’s attention.  Even the attention of President Trump. Mr. Trump doesn’t miss much, but he was likely watching the Roseanne premiere especially closely because it has been widely publicized that the Roseanne character is a “Trump supporter”.  So as you might imagine, our President was probably watching closely to see how this resonated with the American people. Roseanne revealed on Good Morning America that the leader of the free world actually called her to congratulate her. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:






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