The mainstream liberal media keeps on placing Parkland shooting survivor turned anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg as their poster boy. They have turned Hogg and his fellow activist peers into their spokespeople. The media claims that these kids are leading a movement and that people should listen to them. They claim that no one has the right to question them since they lived through a school shooting. The mainstream media is supporting Hogg and his friends while at the same time they are trying to silence 16-year-old Kyle Kashuv, who has a different point of view than students like Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. Kashuv is pro-Second Amendment, but he isn’t pushing politics. He is working towards finding a solution instead of soaking up his fifteen minutes of fame via news cameras. Kashuv is working on developing an app which he presented to First Lady Melania Trump which would potentially reduce shootings. Kashuv has also worked on bipartisan legislation which victims’ family members contributed to in order to help deal with school violence. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:







Showdown: Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Calls Out David Hogg – Issues Epic Challenge

2 thoughts on “Showdown: Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Calls Out David Hogg – Issues Epic Challenge

  1. PLEASE someone expose this Hogg kid for what he is! He graduated from a California high school 4 years ago! Are you so stupid that you can not tell a thug from a real student! He is wanting 20 seconds of fame and he is making a full of himself and the media!

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