Just as we predicted, the “bombshell” 60 Minutes interview with the infamous Stormy Daniels was a total and complete bust. The Democrats who were banking on this interview being the key to impeaching Trump will just have to find a new “scandal” to pin on the President. If you didn’t already know and couldn’t tell by her name, Stormy Daniels is an adult entertainer, aka a Porn Star. She claims that no laws were broken, but claims that she and President Trump had sex more than ten years ago. What came out after Daniels’s interview was a nice hot serving of karma. The Porn Star claims that the reason she didn’t come forward with the allegations sooner is because she was concerned that she would gain negative attention. Imagine that, a Porn Star receiving negative attention. Who would have ever thought? People found her excuse pathetic, and reminded her on Twitter what her chosen profession is. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:







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