STORMY DANIELS COULD SOON BE THE POOREST PORN STAR ON THE PLANET THANKS TO HER PUBLICITY HOUND LAWYER. MICHAEL AVENATTI’S THIRST FOR FAME COULD COME AT A GREAT PRICE FOR STORMY DANIELS AND FOR HIMSELF. You see, when Avenatti filed the suit to break her confidentiality agreement, he was supposed to seal the accusations, which cannot be submitted to the public unless Stormy won her suit. He didn’t. He went very public then sought out every TV camera he could find just David Hogg. Because of that filing, the judge can issue a summary judgment, meaning a trial isn’t necessary because the facts of the case are clear cut. That judgment could cost Daniels $20 million dollars. “Avenatti chose to file the #StormyDaniels suit publicly even though the suit disclosed confidential information, rather than under seal. By doing so, Avenatti exposed #StormyDaniels to a $20M judgment.” Most expensive “exposure” ever for the porn star?” CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:





2 thoughts on “Stormy’s Lawyer May Have Cost Her $20 Million And Her Freedom

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