Fox News host Jesse Watters respectfully put the gun control movement on blast, even slamming David Hogg Monday on Fox News’ The Five. “You want people involved in democracy, and that’s fine,” Watters also pointed out some “contradictions” in the “March For Our Lives” activists arguments from Chicago being a deadly city with strict gun laws and the rapper who was arrested last year for illegally being in possession of a weapon. .@JesseBWatters: “The guy had a rifle because the Bill of Rights said an 18-year-old with no criminal record can have a rifle. And it was the police, and the school, and the FBI: those are the people that failed. Let’s just take a broader look & not just target the NRA.” “And all these people are being protected by heavily armed security guards, and that’s fine,” Watters stated. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:





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