As noted by the Daily Wire, Hogg decided to double down on his lies, saying, “In reality these laws have more holes than Swiss cheese.” “I guess my point is, is that if you’re trying to get everybody together, if you’re trying to have solutions, do you think it is helpful when you say things like, Marco Rubio is putting, you know, for a dollar and five cents or whatever your coupon said, that’s how much he values students?” Camerota responded. “I mean do you think that’s unnecessarily provocative?” “No, I think it’s not enough — I don’t think it’s even provocative enough because I — Marco Rubio is still supported by the NRA, which works to ensure not the safety of gun owners and the safety of Americans everywhere, but to insure that they sell more guns,” Hogg replied. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:





3 thoughts on “WATCH: Anti-Gun Hogg Gets Caught In A Lie So BAD That CNN Called Him Out On Air

  1. Will someone finally expose this punk for who he is? HE IS NOT A STUDENT from the SCHOOL SHOOTING!!! He is from California and flew in to protest! He graduated 2-4 years ago! STOP giving this media whore TV time!

  2. Personally I think it is pathetic at this young fool think he has any say in anything, he’s pointing out that Mark Rubio is being paid by the NRA, the American people have been asking for the last two weeks who’s paying this young man to speak out like this along with his other constituents, we know for fact this man enjoys the spotlight he says things that get them aroused he obviously enjoys that but I don’t see him doing anything other than what other people of been saying for the last 20 years about gun control ! He’s in the spotlight he’s not doing anything is enjoying himself and he’s getting paid by the left to do this. We are at the people just want to know who is paying him what is in it for him , and to be honest for once and tell us who is paying him to speak out? We know they are all being funded.

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