On Saturday,  hundreds of thousands of people across the country took to the streets to protest gun violence and demand stricter gun control. The marchers want a ban on assault weapons, however, these marchers had painful answers when it comes to explaining what an assault weapon is… It’s safe to say, CNN hasn’t done a good enough job elaborating on the specifics of an assault weapon. In the cringe-worthy video below by Campus Reform, you’ll hear the protesters have their heads explode when they’re asked simple questions. When asked what an assault weapon was, one protester answered with “Yeah, it’s um, assault weapon… it’s like an uhhh…. I kind of do… but kind of don’t….” “Um, I mean no. But ‘assault weapon,’ does that sound safe to you?” said one person. “It’s an arm…like a gun for instance that you can buy at a shop pretty easily, that can like cause more deaths than one I guess,” another protester claimed. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:





1 thought on “WATCH: Anti-Gun Protesters Prove They Have NO IDEA What They’re Talking About

  1. This makes me upset that the youth of today have no idea what they are talking about or what is real and not real! Is this the result of their parents, the schools, etc? Let’s just protest!

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