Sometimes you get a pleasant surprise, like seeing that far-left former President Jimmy Carter has just said something to support President Trump! It’s true. The news comes from Carter’s appearance on CBS “Sunday Morning”.  Not only did he say Mueller should be done, but he said Trump should not be impeached and that he (Carter) was willing to help Trump in any way he could.  Why?  Because he thinks Trump is doing a good job. Wow! Here’s more on the story, from Newsmax: “Former President Jimmy Carter told CBS’ “Sunday Morning” that he would prefer that President Donald Trump not be impeached. “My own preference would be that he not be impeached, but that he be able to serve out his term, because I think he wants to do a good job,” Carter said. “And I’m willing to help him, if I can help him, and give him the benefit of the doubt.” CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:






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