Huckabee started off by commending these young people for standing up for what they believe in, but he offered some advice. He stated, “I salute these students for their passion and their energy, and for their interest in helping to shape public policy. But I would say this to them: Emotion is a terrible substitute for truth.“ “It is a terrible substitute for facts,” Huck went on. “And they’ve been used, by believing that if they just ban a certain type of firearm, that things are going to be better.” Huckabee explained, “Here’s the facts: Five times more people are killed in America by knives… than they are by rifles.” FBI data shows that in 2016, 374 murders were committed using rifles within all of the United States. This includes what the left call “assault rifles.” There were a whopping 1,604 murders committed using “knives or cutting weapons.” People used their own fists and feet to kill more often than they used rifles. 656 murders were committed solely using the killer’s own body. CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:






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