CNN sat down with a group of female Donald Trump voters to get their take on the Stormy Daniels issue; CNN and Anderson Cooper probably wish they hadn’t wasted time or money on it. CNN’s Randi Kaye was in Dallas, Texas during the 60 Minutes interview of Stormy Daniels over alleged sexual relations with President Trump. The women slammed the accusations, one woman said “she was shopping the story for money, just like all the other people that are trying to make money off the Trump name. Another woman, Sherry Massey, shredded the idea, saying “this is a porn star,” laughing “why are we giving this any credibility?” “And The fact that she now wants to come out with the story because she’s afraid for her children? My goodness…”. When asked if any of the women in the room actually believe Trump and Daniels had sex, the women were not having it. “Should we believe the President of the United States or a stripper porn star? I go with the President of the United States.” CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW:






2 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump Voters Stun CNN When Saying They DON’T CARE About Stormy Daniels

  1. Find it hilarious that a gay man and a porn star sit on stage together to defame President Trump! Almost as funny as CNN and David Hogg…jokes!

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